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Favorite Five :: Apps That Save You Money on Groceries

Favorite Five :: Apps That Save You Money on Groceries

Apps that save money? Yes please! In this blogpost, I list my favorite five apps that can save you money on groceries you are already buying...

#1 Ibotta

Ibotta is undoubtedly my favorite money saving app that is extremely easy to use and has tons of products to save money on. All you have to do is unlock the rebates on certain products you know you are going to buy and then upload your receipts with those products and that is it! Once your purchases are verified, your money gets added to your account in 24 hours and can be redeemed to your paypal account. 

Currently Ibotta is running a promotion where you can get $10 added to your account by claiming just one rebate - can't beat that! Click here to sign up and save money now! 

#2 Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has a very easy to navigate interface and some great rebate offers - all you have to do is browse your offers, buy products at any store and upload your receipt using checkout 51 app. Once the purchase are confirmed, the credit appears in your account. You can cash out once the account balance reaches $20 and they will mail a check to you - Easy Peesy, yeah? Sign up and save on!

#3 Ebates

All of us are guilty of shopping impulsively online - why not make some money while doing that? All you have to do is next time you make an online purchase on any store just shop through Ebates and you can earn up to 40% cash back at your favorite stores for a purchase you were anyway going to do.

There is no membership fee or mail-in rebate forms to worry about and currently the are giving you a $5 bonus just to sign up and make a qualifying purchase through them (order(s) must total a minimum of $25). So go ahead - click on this link and earn cash back on all your purchases! 

#4 Shopkick

Shopkick is a great app to earn some money for shopping (yes, you heard me right!). There are four ways you can earn kicks (which can be later redeemed for gift cards) at stores:by walking, scanning certain items, making purchases by the linked credit cards or by uploading the receipts. Once you have collected 500 kicks, you can redeem those for a gift card of your choice. Sign up today! 

#5 Walmart Savings Catcher

This is one of the easiest money saving app out there - no extra work needed to collect the cash back! Just scan your walmart receipt's barcode and it will search for a better price on the items you bought at local competitors. If there is a better price available, you get the difference as a credit and you can redeem your balance whenever you want via a Walmart gift card which can be accessed and used in the app itself through walmart pay. I have been using this for a year now - all I do is scan my receipt while I am walking with my grocery cart to my car and I have already gotten back 40 dollars! 

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